The DriveSim Facility at Ohio State


The lab houses three separate simulator systems. All of them use the same underlying software and the same scenarios can be run on all three. The systems are:

  1. A fully-instrumented sedan cab mounted on a six degree-of-freedom MOOG 2000e hexapad motion base. The forward screen is a 260° front-projection cylindrical screen with edge-blending between five high-resolution projectors. The rear view mirror in the cab views a separate projector screen behind the cab. The side view mirrors have been replaced with LCD screens.
  2. A drive-on setup for testing full vehicles with a single front-projection screen. Vehicles are connected to a battery charger and run with electricals only.
  3. A desktop simulator for creating and troubleshooting driving scenarios


All three systems use SimCreator, SimCreator DX and SimVista by Realtime Technologies Inc., as well as SimDriver, an autonomous driving. These software packages are used for running the system creating driving scenarios, including a Motion Drive algorithm for motion base control and multibody dynamics editing software.

Physiological measurements

A SmartEye Pro 3-camera eye-tracking system provides measures of gaze and head direction, eyelid opening, blink rate, and pupillometry. BIOPAC Systems MP150WSW wireless interfaces allow the measurement of blood pressure, ECG, respiration, GSR, and fNIR brain imaging.